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190. Taber, D. F.; Paquette, C. M.; Reddy, P. G. One carbon homologation of halides to benzyl ethers Tetrahedron Lett. 50: 2462-2463 (2009).

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154. Hou, X.; Roberts, J.J. II; Gobeil, F. Jr.; Taber, D.F.; Kanai, K.; Abran, D.; Brault, S.; Checchin, D.; Sennlaub, F.; Lachapelle, P.; Varma, D.R.; Chemtob, S. Isomer-specific contractile effects of a series of synthetic F2-isoprostanes on retinal and cerebral microvasculature Free Radical Biol Med. 36:163-172 (2004).

153. Taber, D.F.; Hoerrner, R.S.; Herr, R,J,; Gleave, D.M.; Kanai, K.; Pina, R.; Jiang, Q.; Xu, M. The diazo ketone approach to the isoprostanes. Chem. Phys. Lipids 128: 57-67 (2004).

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130. Taber, D.F.; Yu, H. Drugs from Nature? Synthesis of the isonitrin antibiotics Science Progress 83: 135 (2000). 

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117. Taber, D.F.; Yu, H.; Guzei, I.A.; Rheingold, A.L. Synthesis of (-)-isonitrin B. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 120: 13285 (1998).

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